this weekend was a bit on the awesome side.  it was very relaxing, i got a lot done and yet still  enjoyed the beatiful ball of warmth for two whole days.  yes folks that was the sun.  my church, bethany community church in greenlake is answering a calling from the Lord to engage and serve our community on a deeper level of prayer.  in november i attended the first of several, prayer training sessions and was blown away by the level of interest and passion to serve our church and community on such an intimate level.  it is completely stepping out of your comfort zone.  have a 10 ft bubble? it just got popped. and that’s what i love about it! so this past saturday was the second follow up training session to prepare us for our first sunday of actually implementing what we’ve all learned since november!  my good friend and flat-mate, becca rechardt met me at my house and i made specially crafted americanos and doppio espressos for us before we set off for the 5 hour session. the funny thing is looking back portions of the training sessions reminded me of prayer training i took 2 years ago at new song church in tacoma.  i dont think my eyes had ever been opened to the power of prayer than during those 10 weeks.  it was an amazing time in my faith and i am thrilled that bethany and pastor dahlstrom are seeing the need for prayer and embracing a calling from the Lord- meeting him and walking with him in this.  it was also a great time to catch up with becca after training…we had a fabulous time at whole foods.  minor side note- i love grocery shopping and whole foods is where its at.  we were also entertained by 2 young children- one of them which thought it hilarious to swirl her food with her mouth wide open and then stick her tongue at us!  and what was even better was a 4 year old completely asleep in the bottom cart while his brother and mom ate lunch.  i honestly had no idea that was a child…it was balled up with its head on all the grocery bags!  my neck hurt just looking at him.other fun times this weekend included washing 3 cars at kyle’s place in 20 mins before we had to be at church.  hey, for those doubters, we did it and i mean we did a full wash and dry!! and going grocery shopping at trader joes…i heart TJ.the only bummer this weekend was going wedding dress shopping. i was a bit ambitious and excited.  i  mean how could i not be? i secured a menu, venue, and church in 9 days!  and from my first bridal gown encounter i must say-i dont like davids- it was a zoo in there.  completely overwhelming. i stayed 10 mins and left…it felt like i was back at the seattle wedding show all over again with women fighting for dresses and hoarding 6 dresses at a time to the dressing room!  i couldnt even look at bridesmaid dresses because mothers and sisters were just picking them off the racks like they were oranges!  all that was missing from the chaos was shopping carts, a ticketing system and a loud speaker.  bummer.  oh well, hopefully next time it will be a more productive, not as chaotic and definitely no shopping carts! and well, maybe i’m starting too early because all i see are silver, red and green dresses. i guess the holidays haven’t full passed us quite yet.