the beauty of relationships

this past week or two i have felt like i have been showered with abundant blessings for which i am eternally thankful for.  more than just gifts to me, these relationships have proven far richer and amazing than i could ever imagine or ask for.  last weekend kyle and i decided a quick impromptu trip to portland.  originally i thought i’d be in california for a work trip but it got postponed at the last minute.  so, we headed south to p-town to visit my old roommates and their families.  andrea, meeka and sara are my old roomies from college….missing are the other half, myself, elisabeth and brooke whom currently reside in seattle.  apparently there is a fondness for the great northwest so we remain somewhat in close proximity.  i can’t complain.  besides it only took 2 1/2 hours to get there on friday night during rush hour traffic! clearly i was driving 😉 it was so great to catch up with meeka and andrea and see the babes….they both are getting so big.  unfortunately sara and jp had prior engagements and with the last minute trip weren’t able to coordinate schedules well enough to swing by.  but hey, there’s always next time! the weekend entailed amazing food (i learned a new and EASY recipe from meeka), fabulous company, free entertainment (the babies), and a lot of great conversations… i miss these girls and can’t wait to see them soon!  hopefully we can squeeze the watson’s in the mix too!  meeka even accompanies me to washington square to look at dresses…from there it was alot of window shopping and getting slightly overwhelmed by XXI…super cool shop, but fortunately for kyle, i walked out of there empty handed.   i really missed spending quality time just to talk.  sometimes with the busyness of life, conversations are harried and a bit rushed and even for myself, i’ll admit i end the call and can’t remember what we were first talking about because i was half listening as i was half unloading the days worth of work from my car to the house!   we ended the trip with a sad goodbye to the tater-tot aka monk-monk, whom we utterly confused the day we ‘departed’ with 3 rather excited ‘good-byes’ only to show up on the kullbergs doorstep a few hours later…once even 30 mins!  yah for flat tires as you try to head home.  side note: kyle and i must be allergic to oregon.  everytime we head down, he gets sick and if i drive, something bad happens to my car.  either that or p-town wants to keep us forever.  hopefully taters isn’t too scarred to be affected with ‘good-byes’ as we did confuse the poor tot! alas we did say our final farewells and headed home.     the week flew by rather quickly but with even more blessings through long and deep conversations with friends and family.   my best friend and i were able to chat about wedding plans (her’s is in 3 months), my mom, my uncle (whom i haven’t talked to since last may!), and i got to spend the morning and afternoon today with my old roomie elisabeth.  it was lovely to see their new home (which turns out is literally a hop and a skip over from my place in ballard), jason made us delicious swedish pancakes, and i got a load of wonderful references for wedding contacts and vendors from their most recent wedding.  elisabeth and jason live in the perfect part of town which also happens to be rather centrally located for whatever you want to do and see.  while jason headed to do man stuff (home depot), we headed to do girl stuff (walk to greenlake).  it was a lovely clear, crisp day and it was a great time of fellowship and just catching up!  i’m super excited for them and look forward to more walks around greenlake….maybe even runs too!! 

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  1. Congratulations on your engagement. We hope you have a wonderful time planning for your big day.
    Steve and Sandy Dingman

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