so last friday the yosh-ster left for peru.  yuppers, you read that one right. peru. i’m a bit jealous. especially when the weather has dropped severly and it feels like the artic …again.  that coupled with rain and wind, hmmmm, yeah not so much.  i dream of the day when i can bask in the glorious sunshine and just be warm.  sigh.  well, i can live vicariously through yoshi and then again maybe i can feably attempt my twin powers and hope to get a few things accomplished 1) feel warm 2) get a tan 3) feel like body is klling me from hiking the inca trail and climbing machu pichu (sp?).  oh how i wish.

on the flip side, life continues to be extremely busy for which i guess i am grateful i’m not halfway around the world but rather slogging through the endless list of things ‘to-do’.  work projects has increased drastically and wedding stuff has been put on a temporary hold.  i suppose i’m not quite the super woman i thought i was and well i need my sleep.  so finishing work projects at 9:30pm doesn’t leave much time for wedding projects.  but ladies, don’t think you’re out quite so easily….don’t you worry. don’t you worry.  invitations will need to be stuff and soon. including you yoshi- there will be a nice, neat little pile with your name on it 🙂

speaking of nice, neat piles of things to do….i should get back to my not so nice, neat piles of work on my desk.  it looks more like kyle’s room actually.  hmmmm, i shouldn’t really give him crap about his room them.  well, that would be a different post and we won’t even get into that one!