this past weekend i attended a class at bethany community church called ‘the rules of life.’ it wasn’t nearly as bad as the title of the class sounds. in fact it wasn’t bad at all. the only crapper was that it was from 7-9 on friday night and even worse off it was 75 degrees, sunny and beautiful and we were stuck indoors from 8:30-3pm on saturday.

even then, our guest speaker was awesome, engaging, entertaining, insightful and all in all a great public speaker. he shared with us about the general ‘ways of life.’ we each have them. our choices we make dictate and determine our ways as well as our lack of choices.  who we marry.  where we work. children. no children. working out in the morning. working out at night. not working out at all.  each of us has a routine. our lives are jam packed with things to do and people to meet.  but where does God fit in all of this? does He? of course he does.  but do we make time? from the general consensus it sounded like it was a struggle. i know it is for me, especially with my new work schedule, planning for a wedding and being on the road for about 2-3 hours a day can definitely impact the ‘free time.’

interestingly enough, jack challenged us to not only look at our schedules and get rid of stuff. clearly that was one of his objectives. but look carefully at where we are spending our time and money.  get rid of the good because “the good is the enemy of the great. ” profound statement. it was said by nowen or cs. lewis or someone super cool and well known. i was paying attention. at least i remembered the quote right. anywho, that was a challenge because i know i have good stuff going on in my life. i have great stuff too. but can i rid of the good to make room for the great?

more on saturday’s lecture later.  i’ll let you ponder for now.