so this past saturday was yoshi’s first outrigger race. for those of you who are unfamiliar with this hawaiian sport tradition in involves a rather narrow ‘canoe’ attached to another hull called the ‘ama’ to assist with balance.  hawaiians would load up the canoes and ama’s with their belongings and paddle miles…. that’s how hawaii was discovered from the polynesias. aside from that brief history lesson, yoshi just started with a club in seattle and has been having a blast.  so much so we never see her anymore- literally.

kyle and i went down on saturday morning to cheer her on at her first race.  she was a bit nervous.  i mean who wouldn’t be?!  9 miles in under 90 minutes. whew!  well all i have to say was their OC6 (outrigger canoe 6- for 6 people) jumped the lead at the start line and held it for ALL 9 miles.  in fact i didnt think yoshi was in that boat and was cheering on boat #2 from the same boat house.  LOL!  turns out they placed first for the day and for their division!  we’re so proud of her.  my gift in return was a free massage.