so this past weekend was jam packed with activites literally.  nic, one of kyle’s groomsmen, planned an all day birthday celebration for his wife rachael….it was a surprise and was so much fun! kyle and i joined them for coffee at the java bean in west seattle where we met up with both nic and rachael.  then we headed over to kent to the weldin’s for breakfast where all the men made the gals a delish breakfast. 

kyle and i then ditched the crew for kristie dokes and philip’s wedding in steilacoom for the afternoon. it was beautiful!  we’re so happy for them and can’t wait to celebrate the rest of the AoA crew’s weddings that’s coming up. 

as we were leaving the wedding, kyle got a voicemail from a apt manager that we had tried connecting with the night before to check out an apt in queen anne.  it was 4:45pm and he was only going to be available from 5:45-6pm….we were still in steilacoom!  kyle and i hauled back to seattle and made it by 5:45 to check out this apt. 

it was well worth it!  its in a gorgeous old apt in queen anne.  orginal wood floors and wood banisters in the stair case.  in fact its mandatory for tentants to cover their floor 70% with rugs to perserve it.  it has coved ceilings, an amazingly ‘huge’ kitchen for being an older place.  retro fridge and stove! plus there’s not a single 90 degree wall in the apt other than the kitchen!  we prayed an talked about it for the night to see if this was really where the Lord wanted us.  we looked at other places online and well couldnt imagine ourselves anywhere else.  so we applied on sunday and found out on monday that we got it! 

move in date is august 1st….so if you’re not busy that first weekend in august……