what do you get when you include the bridal party, kayaks, a girls night out on the time and a freakin’ amazing sister who tends to have a rather schemin’ side?  the funniest and coolest bachlorette party ever! 

the last weekend in june, kyle and i, along with our bridal party ascended to lake union to conquer kayaking in the glorious NW and see who could eat as many tacos at aqua verde!  okay fine, i threw in the latter but seriously it was almost a throw down because we were so hungry!!

the weather was perfect and we had a blast frolicking on the water.  it was beautiful to see the city from a completely different perspective….minus those few times that i seriously thought a sea plane would land on our heads it was absolutely fabulous.  plus we go to paddle past all these cool house boats….including the infamous sleepless in seattle houseboat.  i’ll be honest- it wasn’t as cool as some others.

in addition, yoshi was having fun with her ‘water gun’ aka water pump for the kayak hulls….at least once she figured out how to use them! 

after close to 4 hours of playing in the water the girls and guys seperated and we got showered and ready for a night out on the town.  to start things off we pre-funked at my house.  yoshi had gotten my favorite wines, we had amazing appetizers that my mom always served up and just wanted for the ladies to arrive.  midway through our pre-funk the doorbell rings and a few moments later a male voice echos up the stairs.

a pizza boy with pizza shows up.  i’m a bit perplexed as i knew we were going out to moroccan food for dinner.  then he speaks. ‘is a jackie here?’ oh shit.  i timidly raise my hand.  keep in mind you, i’m decked out in the full princess/bridal garb, complete with tiara and feather boa. how could not miss me?  he then begins to saunter towards me, sets the pizza boxes down, says” i was told i need to work for my tips” and proceeds to take his hat off!  WTF? my head its the bar counter in our kitchen and i’m wracked with laugther that closely resembles nervous hysteria.  he then proceeds to hug me.  huh? turns out his name is luke and a BF of my sister’s good friend’s friend.  pretty good prank if i do say so myself.  too bad we didn’t get pizza. 

after a bit of laughter and more wine we headed to belltown for yummy moroccan food where brooke gave us a show with her mad belly dancing skills!  the food was delish and it was great to share a ‘cultural’ experience of sorts with friends whom have never had moroccan food before.  it was alot of fun and extremely messy! 

as headed back to the parking lot to attempt to squeeze 9 glas into becca’s little rav 4 we hear hoots and hollers from a group of guys at the end of the alley.  we could care less other than the minor fact that they are running toward us. yikes! they catch up with us and rather than a bunch of rowdy drunks it turns out its just a bunch of rowdy guys on a bachlor party.  see photos for the poor groom who was stuck with ball and chain- literally, all night.  i even got the lucky chance to sign him. yes you read that right.  i signed him and not his shirt. 

after that rather brief and unexpected encounter we crammed ourselves best as we could into becca’s amazing car and putted our way to the purple cafe and wine bar.  enroute we came across a pair of cops who wanted to do a photo op.  gladly i posed- as long as the photos are like this and does resemble in any way, shape or form a mug shot i’ll say cheese.  dessert was fabulous and as you can tell i had quite a bit of shots sent my way.  hence the plethora of photos of me red and with a shot glass.  turns out there were 2 other bacholorette parties all with the same idea.  we had fun sending shots back and forth to one another.  even the waiters got in on the fun too! good times.

all that to say….it was quite an eventful, exciting, fun and definitely not dull bacholorette party.  great job to yoshi and the bridal party for planning a fab day! 

check out the the photos to yoshi’s album from the day of festivities. enjoy!