now i can offically use Jackie O! heehee.  we’re back from our honeymoon and back into the grind of life and work.  well kinda.  i think we’re still on clouds for the most part and just enjoying being married.  thanks to all for your love and support and prayers!  our wedding was beautiful and more than we had ever dreamed it would and could be.  it was so cool to see all these pieces come together perfectly.  the funny thing is that you work on them individiually at seperate times so you forget what flowers you ordered, what color something is, etc and then when it all comes together, it takes your breath away. 

kyle and i had so much fun! though it was an early morning (thanks to the bridal party for being troopers) for us all, everything went off without a hitch.  either that or we have amazing bridal party that was really good at hiding stuff from us.  🙂  we’re super excited to see the photos from our photographer and already have some postings from our friends.  check out elisabeth and meeka’s blog for some snippets.

plus it was great to see my family and felt so blessed to have them come up from hawaii and california for the wedding.  at times it felt like herding cats but hey, that’s what a huge family is for! well, we are frantically cleaning our old places in ballard and desperately finding a cool and efficient way to store our stuff in our 525 sq. ft apt.  the crazy thing is that it doesnt feel like its that small until you get to the bathroom. LOL!  and i didn’t think it was that bad.  however when you have 2 gear heads it does become a space issue at some point. 

well, more to come soon.  just wanted to pop in and say HEY. we’re alive and hope to have ya’ll over for dinner and drinks.  clearly not all at the same time.  we’ll be breaking out the visits into shifts 😉