so after the wedding, kyle and i were literally in bed at 7:30pm that night, woke up for a brunch with the family and headed out for a day in fremont.  it was tons of fun and barking dog was amazing to us.  it will always be our favourite pub . always.  my family adored fremont and ballard. so do we.  the ladies went to town at every boutique and the guys were a bit enthralled with the tshirt shop and the great statue of lenon.  aren’t we all. 

on monday a good chunk of my family left to head back home to hawaii.  that left my cousin, kaui, my mom and aunty claire for a morning at il forniao.  its one of my fav restaurants in seattle.  unfortunately the restaurant was closed but the deli/cafe in the middle of pac place was open.  they have the best chocolate cookies in the world.  during the jcrew days we used to head over there on our breaks for some espresso and sugar. those were the days.  

after brunch and shopping around pacific place, kyle and i said our goodbyes and headed to san juans for our honeymoon.  we missed the ferry by 5 cars.  literally.  so we spent 2 1/2 hours at the anacortes ferry dock killing time.  can you tell we were bored? that and the sun was a bit much for kyle’s eyes.  we had to do two shots. 🙂 


this is the bird rock hotel.  if you’re ever planning on going to friday harbor head here.  we had breakfast every morning, delievered to our door and fresh, homemade cookies every night in the lobby along with homemade strawberry lemonade.  it was to die for.  



check out our sweet pad and the rest of our photos from the honeymoon.  we had no idea what to expect as it was a newly renovated hotel in friday harbor and there were no reviews. but considering the sleeping island town, it was quite the posh, mod hotel.  the staff was uber friendly and we had homemade scones every morning.  we miss them.  actually, i think kyle misses them more as these days i hand him the bowl of cereal and a gallon of milk. 😉   lucky for us we totally lucked out with our suite. we had a whole kitchenette.  gone are the days when i used to travel with my old job and get stuck in some seedy hotel with no appliances working.  all the appliances were brand new, a whole fridge, even a set of pots/pans, cooking utensils, flatware, etc.  it was so much fun.  plus i dont think i knew how exhausted my body was…..we practically slept the entire time.  not having a day off in over 9 months really does a # on your mind and body.  now i just want to relax ALL the time. LOL.  thank goodness we’re heading to hawaii in less than 4 months for another vacation.  

and one of my favourites is this….kyle’s get away cart

kyle fell in love with these little guys from a art gallery in friday harbor…

we hit up all these boutiques (kyle was a good sport), had amazing ice cream, slept and watched the olympics.  unfortunately the weather was a bit shoddy and we were more than damp and cold our entire time on the island.  though it did allow us to recoup and hang out in cool shops in town.  one of our fav new surf shops is surf san juan. its the coolest surf shop i’ve ever seen outside hawaii.  and the owner skip is super cool…totally a hawaiian at heart.  we can’t wait to grab sushi when he and his wife are in seattle and hang out this dec when we’re both in hawaii. 

and to cap off our honeymoon, we headed to the gorge for a concert with none other than jack johnson himself.  it was amazing.  and the story of how i guessed kyle bought me tickets is pretty amazing too.  but that’s for another time.  brooke and jesse met up with us for a night of jack. 

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