on days like this

its on days like this when its 46 degrees, i’m sleep deprived, have eaten too much freakin sugar and its not even 10:20AM yet, and pissed off at the world that i hate my life.  it could be more of the fact that i’ve eaten more crap food then normal so i’m slightly ‘imbalanced’ and then i realize that i’m more pissed at our website vendor whose lack of project manangement and inight has caused me to miss my bonus for the year, stay up til 11 at night and give over my weekends to work on website content, and doing more project management to help their idiots out and not get paid for it, all while my opinion doesn’t mean crap. why ask my opinion when you really dont give a shit.  just saying.  so on a day like this, when its 10:19 AM, i look forward to a glass of wine, a few shots, my pillow and the weekend.


  1. thats when you fire your vendor and hire another one w/ a better rep (eli and brian come to mind). think about it–you missed your deadline so schedule doesn’t matter at this point, esp not to them or your managers (they just want the thing finished). you’re already over budget so firing them and hiring someone else less expensive or a little more expensive doesn’t matter–besides, your bonus is probably going to pay for the add’l money you went over your budget. and in the end, you get what you want, dont become an alcoholic, you get rest, your weekends back, intake less sugar, and most importantly kyle gets peace and quiet from your on conference calls and not a hyperactive sugar high wife coming home that will make him a cake and ice cream for dinner. 🙂

  2. i also should’ve mentioned that any web vendor that gives you some insane rant about how long it will take them to change colors in throughout a web page is probably incompetent and should be fired…tell them to do a search and replace…if it takes them longer than 2 minutes you need to hire someone else…

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