after last weekend’s fabulous time at the kullberg’s and the pumpkin patch we spent another wonderful saturday at another pumpkin patch. though this time it was sans of a cute 3ft kid and hayrides and well it was in everett, washington. we hung out with two of my co-workers that have become dear friends, michele and jonathan.  and well they aren’t as cute as tate is they sure are just about as entertaining!  

there was an 8ft corn maze that initially we were going to meander through before we realized it would be a lot more fun if we made teams: boys vs girls and race through the entire maze with our maps and the first ones to get the right answers wins.  long story short, girls won….we also did do a lot more running around in circles while the men strolled around the maze. anywho we got to flaunt our winning by having the men carry around our pumpkins.  minor side note: how obnoxious is it that the corn maze had an america flag in the center of the maze with a red flag at one end and a blue one on the other with the puzzle map and clues throughout the maze being ALL related to US politics and the american government.  i wanted to vomit.  alas i had to slap myself out of my stupor and tell myself i’m in washington state.  no matter if the wee little tots don’t know a donkey from an elephant or what stipends mean, they will in the next week after we see who becomes our president. 


all seriousness aside, we also got to go to their local farmers market and get these amazing grapes, apples, and yummy veggies to make a curry soup that night. they also had amazing blackberry icecream!  it was delish.  after drinking some good wine and getting ready for dinner we convinced the men to seperate all the seeds for us 🙂

and though we didnt carve our pumpkin that evening, kyle and i did it tonight.  you may laugh but hey when you marry a mathematician you realize that math stuff is kinda cool- even if you turn into a math geek yourself. remember that 8.16.08 joke (ahem- our wedding day)….nevermind.