a month since the last blog.  my apologies.  life has been quite chaotic recently.  with the holiday’s approaching and work picking up and the normalacies of day to day activties, i can’t believe i haven’t posted.  either that or the novelty of blogging has worn itself out.  let’s hope for your sake its not the latter.

or perhaps its because i’m a bit lethargic and tired.  it may be due to the gloomy weather that’s fallen upon us.  i’m self diagnosing (thanks to House MD) but i have sad.  seasonal affective disorder. after living here for the last several years and not going home twice a year to the sun and warmth its hitting me.  i dont do well with no sunlight.  hmmmm…. that and i’m not sure if this vitamin D thing and B complex stuff my friend Erika suggested taking is truely helping.  either that or i got the wrong vitamins. eik!

the only fun thing is that with me being tired and wanting to stay home all the time i’m into baking.  before it was brownies and cakes (boxed i will admit) but i’m on this muffin kick right now.  and kyle and i went out and bought a hand mixer to help with the amount of stuff i’m cooking up. i’m so excited.  let’s hope we have enough room in our freezer for all the muffins and stuff.

and on a final note, we’re going home in 17 days!!!! i am sooooo excited. it was so nice to have part of past week off. after 9 months of no vacation and then the wedding followed by no vacation again, its a shame i’m still alive.  lol.  so as of dec 20 i will basking in the glorious sun of hawaii….until then rain and gloom here i come.