vitamin D deficient

i realize that most northwesterners are vitamin D difficient and well, are prone to it since the sun NEVER comes out for 8 months straight ( i’m exaggerating, i know). but i have been so blue and glum for the last several months AND completely exhausted who knew what was wrong with me.  that coupled with never sleeping a good nights rest- i wake up every hour on the hour compared to my normal bear hibernation that i was starting to miss priding myself in sleeping through a fire alarm.  i have done that before too. but along with all these stuff my body has just been so unbelievably achy and just fatigued. 

so the day after thankgiving i went in for my checkup  with my car accident and they decided to draw some blood since none of this was helping my recovery process.  that and i know my docs just want this case to be done with. them and the insurance companies. 

to be honest i wanted something wrong with me. that way i wouldnt feel like i’m going insane!  ever the pessimist these days, i was thrilled to get a call regarding my test results. and no i’m not pregnant. but am severely vitamin D deficient and iron deficient.  so much so i need to take supplements and come back in 3 months.  ithe ‘normal’ range for vitamin D is 32-100. i’m at 16. and for iron, its 10-210 or somethign like that. i’m at 22. yikes!  plus it was affecting my ability to recover!  yah!  problem solved. now i just need to be diligent about taking my supplements daily. 

its been a blessings in disguise too because after taking the vitamin d for the first week and half i feel amazing.  praise God.  now i’m back to my hyper, normal, energertic self. lucky kyle. lucky you!

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  1. you should move to FL….it’s going to be 80’s over Christmas!!! haha!

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