mele kalikimaka

and hauoli maka hiki hou!  from our house to yours- we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!  

its been a great several days in hawaii as we soak in the sun with friends and family.  kyle and i made it safe and sound to hawaii though for a few hours we were questioning whether or not we were going to make it.  we left on saturday afternoon with the 2nd major snow storm to hit the same time our flight was ready to depart.  we ended up being delayed by a hour and was one of the last flights to leave sea-tac before the plethora of flights were delayed and such!  check out these photos…..


now we realize its not as much snow as the midwest and east coast gets during winter but when your flight has the possibility of being cancelled its a bit scary!  also we made note to never take the connecting flights to hawaii…it took double the amount of time to get home rather than the straight shot.  however for the 12 hour trek to HI we did get to see a pretty cool sunset on the plan.  i was lucky enough to catch a star in one of the shots too! 


last night we went to my uncle’s house for christmas eve with the traditional portguese bean soup and christmas cookies with our names on it! ….it was delish.  yoshi agrees!  


we hope you’re all staying warm, are able to get to your destinations safely and celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior.  mele kalikimaka.  aloha!

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  1. Jackster!

    So glad you guys made it safely. Happy birthday, Merry Christmas late and Happy New Year early :). Enjoy your time with the fam and we’ll look forward to getting together with you guys when you get back!

    The Kullbergs

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