i can’t recall if i blogged about the leaky light fixture just before we left for christmas.  well in case i didn’t the short version is we came home from celebrating christmas early with the ostlie’s and was about to put the food away only to discover that kyle and i were both standing in water in our kitchen.  we discovered that one of the lights had gone out due to the ENTIRE light fixture resting in water….it was a fish bowl. the gal above us had a leaky pipe which leaked into our wall and well we thought we had it figured out only to come home from 2 weeks in hawaii with the paint above our sink completely cracked and peeling.

8 weeks later the contractors have finally been hired and is ‘working on the project’.  funny thing is i asked our resident managers specifically if the contractors would tape plastic throughout the kitchen doors to protect and dust, dirt and paint getting into the rest of the apartment.  we were reassured it was an easy project and that it was not needed and if the contractors felt the need to cover things they would.  awesome.  well, needless to say they were supposed to have finished our apt on either the 27th or 28th of january.  its february 6th and they are still not completed?! who does that? apparently they suck at what they do or they are ripping off our apartment company because all the ‘easy projects’ throughout the building actually turned into massive projects.

take our apartment for example.  it was a 2 ft x 3ft area above our sink that needed painting.  i come home this past wednesday to find our entire ceiling ripped apart! how do you go from the sink to the ceiling?! and more so, there was dust EVERYWHERE. and when i mean everywhere i mean everywhere…. throughout our entire kitchen, our living room, even on my silk pillows and lamp shades, on our books and carpet.  in fact you can see where kyle and i have been walking on our hard wood floors because there’s white dust everywhere! here’s a few shots of some of kitchen stuff with layers of dust…even the slipper magnet has a layer of white crap on it!

dusty canisters dust slipperes

good times i tell you. plus i just got off the phone with our apartment manager only to learn that the contractor doesn’t want to work in our apartment today (sanding and painting) since i’m home and there is the possibility of complaints of dust! what a moron.  he should be a professional and tape and seal off people’s belongings in the first place. note: a great contractor is one who gets the work done and leaves the property exactly how it was when they first arrived.  well, hopefully my assertiveness pays off with our manager because i just gave it to him- job needs to get done by 3:30 today and its not my problem that the contractor decides to show up after 9am and still is meandering outside by his truck.  this is the only time living right next to the street and having full viewing access to the cars has paid off. he needs to sort that out on his own.

we’re askig for a discount on feb rent since it has been a HUGE inconvenience for kyle and i to live here. we haven’t been able to fully clean our apartment in 3 weeks, we can’t do laundry since there’s dust every where and our kitchen is completely barren.  we’d have to clean it to use the kitchen and then clean again when the contractor is done sanding and painting.  which for the record we found out late last night that he was sanding after i had already started cleaning!  only when our manager called to double check on the ETA of completion did he say he was sanding.  so that being said, if we didn’t ask he would have had even more dust everywhere.  i’m pissed. how the heck does fixing a 2 ft x 3 ft area in a 500 square foot apartment take 3 days?! THREE DAYS!  the leasing co. is getting a letter from me. and its definitely not a dear santa letter at that!

barren kitchen

crammed living room