alas the time has finally come.  to cut kyle’s golden locks. okay, fine. more like lightish brownish locks. you get the picture.  kyle hasn’t had a haircut since our wedding…. last august! actually 2 weeks before our wedding.  it had gotten to the point where is fellow teachers have been giving him crap along with the 5th hill guys.  the only thing in his way was his trip to alaska last weekend.  the thought was if he cut it before then he’d freeze his ass off.  good logic.

so today, we took some scissors and went to work. mind you , we dragged in my desk chair into our itsy-bitsy, wee litting bathroom and had him perched with barely enough breathing space before i honed in. a few things to keep in mind.

1) i have never cut hair before.  well, fine. i tried to cut my bangs in 10th grade and that failed miserably. i haven’t tried since.

2) kyle has never had anyone cut his hair with scissors

3) this is the longest kyle has grown his hair out and he’d gotten somewhat attached to it.

that being said it was quite a process with no one leading anyone.  the final product….well have a look for yourself.