i love my neti pot.

so my cold turned into a flu which also grew a sinus infection. i finally went to the doc yesterday since i literally was getting worse and not better.  after a night of antibotics and using a neti pot i feel tons better.  still sick and achy but at least i don’t feel like i’m dying.

now don’t get me wrong i’m not one to be a whiner. for crying out loud i was sick every 2 months throughout 4 years of college!  i was so sick all the time that i just got used to living with pneumonia and bronchitis ALL the time.  i however have never received a sinus infection in my entire life. holy crap! i don’t ever want one again. ever.

one of the natural things my doc suggested to me was using a neti pot. never heard of it.  it sounds like a nettle which sounds like prickly and just painful. however after reading an interesting article on nytimes.com she gave me and researching it a bit more (apparently it was on oprah a while back)  it didn’t sound prickly or painful.  the idea is basically rinsing out your sinus cavity with a saline solution through gentle means.  we had to go to walgreens anyways so i convinced kyle to let me get a neti pot to try out and see if it helped my sinus infection.  it totally did. don’t get me wrong. i’m still sick. but its helped alleviate my sinus pressure and congestion and hey i can breathe out of one nostril now! pretty darn cool.


  1. surprisedbyjoy

    March 12, 2009 at 4:02 am

    If you find one of those, squeal cleansing pots, let me know :).

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