when kyle and i first checked our apartment we were enamored with the view and wondering to ourselves if we’d be lucky to have such an amazing privilage our first year of marriage.  a look of the puget sound AND access to the SUN.  alas, those dreams were shattered when we were ushered in the NORTHEAST facing apartment.

don’t get me wrong.  i LOVE our apt.  i love the personality and character of it.  i love that our kitchen is literally the only room that is a box.  i love the rest of the apartment is a triangle.  i love how we’ve made it our cozy home.  i love how we’ve managed to find a place for everything.  i wouldn’t give it up for anything… other than for access to a view and sun.

and hey, what do you know? an apt facing the sound with access to SUN and VIEW became available 2 weeks ago.  we signed the lease and are moving in the first week of april.  we’ll miss the quirkiness and character of our place but i’d trade anything to have access to the sun and not have to view people’s legs.