a weekend of fun.

last friday my dear friend chele came over to work at the apt in the afternoon with me while JB was with the leadership team on a hike and doing ‘leadership’ things.  the plan was that we’d double date since its been 4 months in the making that we’ve been trying to do a date event between the 4 of us.  it was about time.

it turned out to be the spontaneous weekend.  and for all of you who know me, the planner, it was challenging at times, yet refreshing.  this is how i remember myself when i was 15.  not sure what happened but i’m thoroughly proud to be a type-A planner.  that’s a different story for a different day.

friday night encompassed a dinner cooked, courtesy of chele and i with a last minute decision to throw the turkey stuffed bell peppers, almond-cranberry-dill salad, sundried mashed potatoes, and drinks all into bags with blankets and head to kinnear for a last minute picnic spread.  at this point, chele and i were on our third drink when the guys decided to show (kyle was sent to pick up JB from a colleagues house) and meet us at the park.  it was so much fun…beautiful view, amazing food and great people.


the weather turned suddenly and it got cold just as we finished our drinks and dinner so we hurried back to the apt and decided to head to the sitting room, 1/4 of a mile down the road from us in lower queen anne for some dessert and more drinks.  can you sense the theme to this weekend? 🙂 i’ve never been to the sitting room and have heard great things about it.  it reminds me of the quirky yet sophisticated lounge meeka and andrea took us too in february for the girls weekend when we were in portland.  also, side note: every single waiter and employee could have been in a hollywood movie.  it was insane.  and so was their tartines.  absolutely to die for.  french baguette with fig persevers, proscuitto and gorgonzola cheese.  hmmmmmmm.

after much discussion between JB and chele they decided to brave our apt and crash for the night since the boys were planning to meet up with a friend on saturday morning for a hike off 1-90.  amidst the rug, thermarests and millions of blankets, i dont know if they got a good nights rest but i sure hope so!

saturday morning started off with this amazing egg scramble with red pepper-basil chicken sausage….thanks to kyle and chele for dish washing and not burning the eggs. and of course we can’t forget the ever important stumptown coffee. shortly after breakfast, chele and i headed to a spa for our pedicure while the men braved the wilderness.  the pedis were amazing and relaxing.  we got so engrossed in the trassy magazines we didn’t realize our time was up!  afterwards we decided to head to the gym for an intense 2 hour work out session to justify the amount of alcohol and food consumption over the last two days.  that and we needed to at least say we did something physical when the boys came home to gloat about their adventures.

we met up with them on the water behind anthony’s and pier 66, to watch some of kyle’s kids in the ‘quick and dirty boat building competition’….it was hilarious.  too bad kyle’s kids didn’t make it to the final round.  they would have but they are apparently competitive intellectually and not physically.  their design was kick ass but they gave up paddling midway through. ouch. it was also during this time we learned that not only did kyle and JB meet up with their friend brandon, but also two other of his friends….all three of which just so happens to be rangers.  apparently it was an intense hike UP poopoo point (where the paragliders jump)- they did it in 1 1/2 hours and then decided that wasn’t hardcore enough and ran down the mountain in 30 minutes.  kyle is still sore.

finally we capped off the night with dinner at rei.  i forget how expensive yet delicious world wraps is.  maybe that or i was famished.  i’m always hungry.

thanks chele and jb for a fantastic weekend.  can’t wait to do it again.

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  1. i second that comment jacks…YOU are ALWAYS hungry. i’m wondering what side of the family we get that from.

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