10 ways to beat the heat.

so the northwest is basking in the sun.  and heat. and humidity.  i’ll be honest though it doesn’t compare to hawaii’s humidity.  so i’m trying to refrain from complaining.  however, for those of you who feel like curling in a fetal position, here are some suggestions to beat the heat.

10) drink a lot of COLD water and ensure you’re keeping your electrolyte intake in at a good level.

9) use frozen fruit/veggies to cool you off.

being resourceful

being resourceful

8 ) stay at work. it seems that most companies are compensating for the heat wave and wanting to not have their employees distracted by sweating so they have pumped up the air. case in point, world vision. it’s the artic this week, not washington. plus your company will appreciate your overtime.

7) get your work out done early in the morning before the heat and sun rise

6) stick your sheets in the freezer

5) stick yourself in the freezer


4) don’t leave the lights on

3) get a haircut so that you’re almost bald but not quite

2) eat a gallon of ice cream

1) buy a kiddie pool, fill up and sit in.






  1. duuuuuuude! i’m glad you’re using us an example. you should add the trash can pics.

  2. Hey Jacks –
    nice work on ways to beat the heat. Glad we could be a part of three out of the 10.

    Love ya –
    Harper and Rach

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