a few of my favorite things

i know i posted this AM.  i couldn’t resist to post again.

first.  my favorite cupcake haven just opened up a new shop in capitol hill.  check it out if you’re in the area.  its uber awesome and all the cool kids are doing it.  while you’re there don’t forget its strawberry cupcake month at cupcake royale! which is my favorite. not the month, but the cupcake flavor. the special, savory flavor ends tomorrow.

second. i have awesome co-workers.  it just so happens that ange and i share similar interests in the world of macs, social media, twitter feeds, corn and nikki.  the latter is another co-worker who is equally awesome.  as they both prepped for an event this past weekend, i was apprised of status updates with the corn.  if you recall, i love corn.  corn on the cob.  corn chowder. corn with butter and salt. white corn. yellow corn.  corn nuts. corn flakes.  corn tortillas.  as you recall ange does too! and now nikki.  see, the love of corn is spreading.

the growers of the corn.

the growers of the corn.

and now most of tacoma has gotten a taste of it last weekend at ethnic fest.


unfortunately, this was forwarded to me today.  apparently we need to improve our corn growing skills.

courtesy of nikki and sandradee comics.

courtesy of nikki and nataliedee comics.

third. nataliedee comics are awesome. so i guess it makes up for our lack of corn growing skills.

fourth. bedtime. goodnight.

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