1.  you turn on your computer screen on monday and it turns red.



2. then it turns green.

computer_green screen

3. and then combination colors .

computer screen

4. you have to put out fires and it’s not even 9am yet.  oh yes, it’s still a monday.

5. panera bakery charged your personal card and your bosses card for a company lunch and won’t reiumburse your personal card beccause the charges are not in their system. ah, but yes, it’s still on my statement.

6. megan h. has run out of chocolate.

7. the puyallup fair has taken over your BFF life. she’s MIA.

8.  you forget your recyclable coffee cup at home.

9. you have maxed out your corporate card for company business and need to still make urgent purchases over the next week.

10.  your hubby comes home with the flu.

11. you realize it’s only monday.