in the last several weeks, i’ve come across some very odd but yummy things.  for example:

1) HUGE GRAPES.  by HUGE, i mean HUGE.  they were twice as large as kyle’s thumb.  but delicious.

2) gummy bears but with a twist.

note the sample of a single gummy bear modeling new 'skin' in the upper right corner

check out the gummmy bear model showing off its swirly cool 'skin.' also take note of both PLAID pj pants.

3) two words:  cheese ball.  the odd part is how excited AND obsessed this group is with cheese ball.  you just need to trust us on this.  it’s worth obsessing over.  well worth it.

the last authentic cheese ball. not odd, but definitely delicious.

4) new salads.  i’m branching out.

my first attempt at roasted beet salad with red and golden beets. looks gross, but is actually really yummy.

if you have any other interesting things to suggest, feel free to send them my way.