tonight we celebrated one of my best and dear friends, michele, before she heads out to colorado. we had an amazing spread of mexican food and homemade sangria (some of the best i’ve ever had). it was great to meet folks through all parts of her life that she has impacted and vice versa.  thanks to meg rahn for all her help with the “conspiracy.”

mexican food. hmmmm. delish.

gluten free. vegan free. red velvet cake. delish.

gluten free. vegan free. red velvet cake.

here’s some super fun photos, including 10 things she would need to help get her through the winter months of snow, chill, and ice.

1. ugly sweater (particularly for the ugly christmas party)
2. house slippers
3. gloves
4. ear muffs
5. colorado guide books
6. snow scraper
7. lotion
8. dog bowl for her “new” dog.
9. rei gift card
10. onesie

my favorite was the last one.  apparently was chele’s too.

apparently putting a onesie is a bit challenging.

chele really liked the ear muffs too.

another way to wear a onsie.

i met chele when i joined world vision vision again in 2007.  she was a spunky, joyful gal with tons of energy and a huge heart for the Lord. she helped me get acclimated to the new team, survive drama on the new team, help me maintain my sanity through the new website launch and just in general, a blessing and wonderful person to call a friend.  i’ll miss her terribly but know CO and the 30 hour famine team will be gaining one valuable and amazing person.

chele, here’s to:  onsies, pedicures, senor taco and chai tea latte runs.  may there be many many many more.


i love this girl.

i love this girl.