thanksgiving was a great time to spend with the johnsons, friends whom we met while at spu, who has really become more than just friends. they’re family.  i was super excited to share the thanksgiving holiday with the johnsons and my in-laws.  russ and judi drove down from marysville to olympia to hang out with my ‘other’ family.  it was great to have everyone together (minus my folks in hawaii, though my family back home is so big they don’t even miss us-kidding!).

and time at the johnsons would not be complete without:

1. homemade marionberry pie

i had to fight jen for a piece. these puppies are in high demand. note homemade cinnamon rolls too. hmmmm.

2. mounds of mashed potatoes (most of it was for michelle)

14 lbs of potatoes. and we ate them all.

3. cheeseball.  need i say more?

cheeseball for breakfast.

4. yoshi’s famous candied yams!

just like how mom makes it.

5. can’t go without settlers.  we played 2 games on thurs. 3 games on fri. and 1 on sat. whew!!

the guy with his thumb up was named john. none of us knew him other than blake. he ate ALOT. he almost ate the johnson's out of house and home.

6. wii.  so it’s a new tradition, but after seeing aunty linda and aunty jan lose control over mario cart, we have a pretty good feeling this is going to become a reoccuring theme along with settlers.

if only there was sound attached to this photo.

it was a great to also just sleep in, take naps, read, sleep and really relax.  i  think it was just what my body and mind needed before the holiday’s kick into high gear. we hope you all had a great thanksgiving with friends and family wherever you were at.