the last 3 months have been insanely busy for us.  the last thirty days kinda puts the “busy” word into a whole different category! and i feel like i haven’t had a moment to truly capture it.  so i’ll try my best to relay to important bits in this post.

kicking off december we had headed to P-town for a shower for the Kullbergs. you’ll recall a previous post about the lovely party with the expectant mom anxiously waiting a few more weeks before the new baby comes….well, talk about perfect timing because on 12/23 i got a text from Meeks….the baby is coming and it’s coming today!   congrats to the family for their new addition, Derek William, born on 12/23! Glad to hear mommy and baby are doing well!

followed closely by the second annual christmas dinner at cutters bayhouse with the gang. we started this tradition last year and it was so well received we decided to keep up with it!

the gang in their finest!

the next weekend i threw a surprise b-day party for kyle.  his friends surprised him at whirley ball and then after some intense competition between the guys and girls we headed to barking dog for some beers and food.  let’s say getting him to whirley ball was an adventure in itself!  thanks to all who helped join in the fun and games.  and especially yoshi, rach, and harper for setting up the barking dog with lovely cookies made specifically for kyle and his obsession with VWs.  courtesy of  we ended up with a few extra so i decided to attempt to stick them in our xmas tree. it didn’t work out very well.

some of the cool VW cookies.

the birthday boy.

the weekend after that (the third one, i know it’s getting confusing) we had an early bday dinner with the ostlie’s at the old spagetthi factory.  in addition, we kicked it off by hosting our first annual ugly christmas sweater party.   it was loads of fun, food, drinks and games.  kyle and i also attempted to make our own spiked egg nog. let’s just say, it was awesome but not sure if it was quite worth the effort.  we had a delicious warmed brie dish, loads of norweign desserts, homemade artichoke dip and ALOT of drinks.  in fact, so much was left over that we’re hosting a new year’s eve party at our place! and i know you’re all waiting for it……who won the ugly christmas sweater? it was a tie between harper, yoshi and rach.  harper and rach get the creativity award (they made it themselves).  yoshi get’s the outrageous award.  who knew they made a sweater that lit up and sings to you?

it does everything from lighting up to singing. too bad it doesn't dance.

and well hey then there was my birthday. and then yoshi’s birthday! yes we’re twins and born on two different days!   i had some friends in town for work and was lucky to spend some time catching up with james over coffee. michele graced me with a lovely bouquet of roses and then treated me to senor taco (delish!) and i ended the day with a fabulous dinner at barelos courtesy of yoshi (thanks!) it was divine! the next night we celebrated yoshi turning 27 at the taphouse in downtown. it was super fun and PTL it was tuesday  because if it wasn’t i think we all would have been a bit in trouble.  free wii, free pool, free room for our party, happy hour and great drinks with amazing people…you definitely could not go wrong!

hi rach!! this was the only photo i got on my phone. the rest are on yoshi's touch screen camera!

then there was christmas, christmas eve…..hmmm, getting a free starbucks xmas tree. i know you’re jealous.  hmmmm, having and adventure of tracking down an open sbux on christmas eve (we finally found one. the same one who gave us the free tree) and going to st. james cathedral for mass.  it was quite the adventure to say the least!

we really wanted to take photos with it through seattle (like the gnome) but changed our mind when we realized how cold it was.

finally. after 4 stops we finally have our red cups!

well, from our family to yours; we hope you had a joyous and wonderful month of festivities, fellowship, celebrations, and most importantly spending time with loved ones as we celebrated our Christ’s birth.   cheers!