to piggy back on my previous post on “saving the planet,”  i thought i’d share the love.  the site that i got my previous “green” items were from brightandbold.  and they are having a sale through january 15th.  it’s 15% off their entire site.  enter coupon code “JAN15” at checkout.

so, if you’re needing some cute enviorsax bags or were inspired to buy some produce bags, get it now!  and while i’m at it, you can also get a uber cool, neoprene lunch tote,  there’s a lot of other cool designs and colors.  i totally recommend it.  i have the dot design as shown in the image below and have used it for over 3 years.  i love it.   i’m trying to get kyle to get one in black.  he refuses.  apparently even in black, they resemble purses.  who knew? at least i didn’t show him the striped one.  i suppose his recycable, black, Fred Meyer bag will suffice. forever.

Built Lunch Tote

i’d like to think i started a trend at work since i recently noticed everyone and their mother having the same lunch tote as me.  but i won’t complain.  at least they are using something that’s reusbale, rewashable, and can be submerged in water!   oh, and other than throwing into the washer, it’s neoprene which means its not only uber cool but uber flexible.  i can cram so much stuff into it.  throw in a blue ice square and consider me isolated from all human contact from 12-1pm as i doodle and do website requirement documentation in my closet of a cube.

signing off with my 3Rs.  (think jack johnson and curious george).