it’s been a while since my last post. i think about blogging every day. actually multiple times a day. but with school ramping up and the haiti earthquake, life is at the moment very, very, very full.

kyle and i both started school this quarter.  i’m taking classes at north seattle community college to get foundation classes out of the way for seattle university.  who knew, a B- would mess up any chances of easing yourself into a master’s program.  take note kids.  shoot for B or higher.  B- doesn’t cut it in the real world 🙂

the other thing that i’m reminded of daily as i plug away hours each night on homeword is how much i hate accounting and economics.  the reality is, i decided to go into marketing and management for a R-E-A-S-O-N. there was very clear, logic and rationale that went into that decision 6 years ago when i declared my emphasis in business. so, the fact that i’m taking acct and econ again is baffling to me.  but alas, my effort now is far more superior than that as an undergraduate student. perhaps it’s the maturiy level.  or maybe that i’m no longer on scholarships and am paying out of pocket.  nonetheless, i’m only shooting for As.

school has ramped up as has the workload.  we’re launching a new product this year that i am lucky to be on the core team. however, as website requirements and vendor selection has bombarded me, so has an unexpected disaster. unless you’ve been living in a cave, deep in the jungles of peru, you most likely have heard of the 7.0 earthquake to hit haiti on jan 12th. our social media team at World Vision is small but powerful.  great team. great peeps. but they were exhausted after working non-stop since the earthquake. last week, they asked me to help support their team full time….it has been an honor and priviledge to help them out.  it was also extremely eye opening since it was my first time ever to help directly on a major emergency disaster relief for WV.  long days and long night ensued but it has been a great experience.  i’ve loved every second of it.  plus, i’ve gotten paid to manage our twitter feed!!

on that note, back to work and studying. ciao.