the last two weeks have been a whirlwind.  and nothing quite summarizes a whirlwind than cramming in homework til 12 midnight for days before its due, frantically adding things to go backpacking in a somewhat haphazard, resemblance of a pile, and then trying to get PT sessions and workouts in all while still somewhat communicating to your spouse, if only through grunts.

yup. i think that does summarize last week.  in preparation for our annual hutting/backpacking trip to mt. tahoma, it took all of kyle’s and my mental and physical capacity not to kill each other while still trying to maintain some level of order in our work and school lives.  note to both of us: give ourselves more than 3 days to pack, shop AND do homework while working full time jobs.  ahhhh, then perhaps we wouldn’t be making emergency purchases on the way to the mountain.  some of which, but not all included, are headlamp, insoles for boots, gas, rent check, settlers of catan….yes i know. you may be wondering how such an organized person like myself did so poorly. well, let me tell you.  its called 4 days of only accounting and econonmics while getting web site requirements and a strategy doc completed.  nonetheless, we got all that needed to both before deadlines and made our way to the mountain so that we could do this…..

4800 ft of elevation in 4 miles…

for this….

…..and this…..

totally worth it.

it was all quite worthwhile.  as you can tell, there’s only five of us.  yoshi’s foot is being potentially prepped for surgery and she’s not allowed to put ALOT of weight aka a 50lb pack on it and josh was stuck in alaska for work.  nonetheless, we made progress on our weight distritbution and kyle led the girls in a craft project: making settlers of catan by hand.  crazy but true.  we ended up using uno cards, duct tape, ball point pen, tea light, and graphing paper. who knew, kyle truely is the real MacGyver.

we made settlers by hand. yes, i know. we are that awesome.

the sheep harbor. ain’t he cute!

for those who are obsessed with settlers as much as we are, you can truely appreciate the thought that went into this.  especially since its portable and all the tiny little pieces fit in a zip lock bag.  amazing huh?

well, since my body is still recovering from a slightly grueling vacation and i haven’t been able to work out all week, this is my act of rebellion…. updating my blog instead of doing my homework.  well, with my tennis ball and foam roller, it’s off we go to the world of price elasticity and adjusting accounts.