i think there may be a few folks who can share in my giddiness for this post.  elisabeth for certain will be, since she did a post recently about being organized and being somewhat estastic as she listed all of her upcoming projects.   i must concur. i’m a bit geeky in that way.  i’ll even admit; i too used to reorganize my pencil case or desk over and over and over again.

anywho, with life and school and work about to pour out upon us, i decided to be someone proactive.  perhaps it was the holiday season that stressed me out and forced me to think creatively about organizing our life.  nonetheless, i came up with a brilliant plan. kyle….well, let’s just say, he’s going with the flow.  bless him. you can tell that our schedules have been chaotic since it’s february and this has been up for over a month!

much mahalo to fred meyers for the “back to school” sale (who does that at the end of december?!)  but i walked out of there with a white board, pens, and magnets for $15!  i was super duper excited and waited til kyle got home to help me figure out a way to hang/adhere/tack/nail/place your adjective here, my new found toy. ta-da.

our new calendar has helped us both keep track of ongoing events, dates, date nights, appts, you name it, that has come up.  plus i think we both like the smell of dry erase markers.  oops. did i just say that outloud?!