an easier way of recycling.

image courtesey of apartment therapy.

i could totally relate to the author of this post on apartment therapy.   we too were equally as frustrated with our recycling situation.  now i can’t say we’re going to get these because my only qualm is that you’re still getting brown bags from somewhere, which defeats the purpose of bringing your own bags to go grocery shopping.  however, the concept of no-spills and being organized, is clearly optimal.  and i’m inspired.  perhaps kyle can make something for us….hmmmmm.  the wheels are turning. so for those who have a slew of trader joe’s bags, here’s a great system to use them in! it’s either this or text book covers….remember those days?!

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  1. Andrea’s Dad built a wooden recycling bin that held paper grocery bags for our house. It won an award in Portland. We got a new free dishwasher and water heater for his design. This was when Andrea was in Elementary School.

    We are headed for Oahu on March 4th. Any ideas that most tourists don’t know about to see and do on Oahu?

    Your crock pot recipes look great too!

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