it’s monday. and if you’ve had a day like mine, then you need a photo like this to make you laugh.

jackie predicting a trend.

we were cleaning out gear closet this weekend….ahem. actually we lost something in the gear closet and starting pulling stuff out to try to find it.  okay, i couldn’t lie.  and volia, i started putting random bits and pieces out and putting them on.  kyle was engulfed in the closet and lo- n- behold he turns around to this and burst out laughing.  i would have too if i saw this.  this is nearly equal to the ridiculousness of me in my bike helmet working on my laptop on the sofa before i got married.  i’m sure harper or yoshi has a copy of this somewhere and would LOVE to share it with you. well girls, here’s another one to add to your ever growing collections of photos, courtesy of jackie, to make you smile.

happy monday.