today, a dear friend and colleague, richenda, will be leaving the throes of World Vision US and doing independant consulting for a bit before moving back home to work for our Australia office.  i’m personally heartbroken to lose such a wealth of talent and knowledge, particularly as my social media counterpart.  i mean who else would get giddy about a special section in The Economist on social media other than myself?! but secretly i’ll miss her aussie accent.  okaaaay fine, maybe her contagious laugh, fashionable clothes, and ability to just ‘get’ social media from a strategic and analytic standpoint.  this isn’t a eulogy nor is it farewell.  but i do have this photo to share that was taken last week as a random coincidence with the social media ladies that will ALWAYS make me laugh out loud.  cheers richenda.

lindsey, richenda, jacks