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i’m on a green kick. can you tell?  in my last post on ‘being green’, lisa, had mentioned that she loves some of the products i’ve featured but wanted to find something for her 3 year old, makaio, that was reusable and didn’t have to be tossed. the only challenge was that it had to be simple enough for a child to open and use.  i recalled seeing some reusable lunch wraps while i was looking for my produce bags a few months back and got really excited to see what i could find for her and others who have the same challenge.  this is what i found:

  • each year over 1000 ziplock-like bags are thrown into landfills per person. that’s alot.
  • there are ALOT of folks who make reusable bags for sandwiches and snacks
  • there is a variety of sizes and ‘models’ to choose from.  the two variations are a bag and a place-mat version. both have benefits but its the end-users choice what works best for them.
  • if you’re super crafty, there are several sites that actually help you make your own. unfortunately, i’m not and thus will most likely end up buying it.
  • they seem to be easy to use for children and adults.  it all uses velcro as a closure. no arguments there.
  • they are easy to clean and dry, which in my life, cleanliness is next to godliness (i just made my mom proud!).  note that some can go in the dishwasher and washing machine and others can’t. so be sure to check out the specs of which one you decide to go with.
  • some can do hot sandwiches, others not.  so like the point above, check out the specs before you purchase them
  • prices range but overall seem to be a bit expensive for how ‘simple’ the concept is. however, as you look at prices just think of the $5/month you spend on ziplock bags
  • a great idea to have your entire household switch to since each person in your house can have a different color/design so no-one get’s confused.

all that to say, here are some options that i came across.  i narrowed down the selection a bit, with the thought that these would be a great fit for kids, families and adults who are 1) on the go 2) don’t want to spend an extraordinary amount of time cleaning 3) and who are just trying to do their bit to help creation 4) and well a bit fun. i mean who doesn’t want spaceships on their lunch bag?! without further adieu….

Lunchskins are made to be dishwasher safe (just turn in inside out).  The lining is made from non-toxic food safe material that is also a moisture-proof polyurethane liner (think the stuff that is used in bakeries for storing baked goods at optimal freshness without absorbing moisture or grease)

Lunchskins found at brightandbold.com

sandwich size

smaller option for snacks like pretzels, carrots, chips, etc.

SnackTaxi and Wrap-N-Mat options are not able to be put in the dishwasher, but then again, my thought is if you limit the time of these puppies in the dishwasher, the longer they will last.  SnackTaxi is very much like the LunchSkins above where it’s the ‘bag’ version.  They just come in more colorful options.

SnackTaxi can also be found at www.brightandbold.com

Wrap-N-Mat’s idea is the place-mat logic.  undo all the velcro and voila! you have your very own place-mat where ever you are at.  they too make ‘bags’ but can be undone into place-mats and ‘grande’ sized mats should you have an extra large sandwich or burrito.  here’s a few samples to show the different options you can choose from.

sandwich wrap version

wrap-n-mat pouch

and finally, the reusies, have the same concept as the bags above.  i felt the need to include them this post since they are made in seattle, washington by mom’s who wanted an alternative to plastic bags for their kids.  they come in to two sizes like the Lunchskins, a sandwich and snack size.  they can also be thrown in the washing machine but not the dishwasher.

for those interested in checking out more options, here are the sites i went to:

– www.brightandbold.com (search reusable sandwich bag)
– www.wrap-n-mat.com
– www.reusablebags.com (search lunch bag, containers and more)

we haven’t bought these yet but would love to hear of any friends or family who do end up getting these.  i love the idea and the reviews i’ve read while researching a bit for this post.  however,  kyle and i are huge on washing out our ziplock bags and letting them air dry.  we just bought our first box of ziplock bags in a year and a half.  now to be honest, we didn’t do it with the intention of being green, but that they are so freakin’ expensive! it was our way of cutting down on costs. being green was a side benefit that i hate to admit but is true. that being said, i think we may look to these for snacks and  breakfast items and such in the future.


note: thanks to all websites listed above for use of photos.


  1. thanks so much Jackie. I’m going to check out the lunchskins and reusies!! I think Makaio would love the lunchskins 🙂

  2. If you want to buy local, I just came a cross this:


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