the future of our schools.

college shouldn’t be this difficult. and yet it is.  as most of you know this is my first quarter as i prep to begin my mba program.  i’ve been taking courses at north seattle community college and will be at a cc until this spring/summer term.  my accounting class is a nightmare.

i’ve been fighting with the adminstration at north seattle community college about my accounting instructor, mr. ron woods.  over three weeks ago i finally had it with the lack of communication and at times discriminatory remarks in the saturday classes so i emailed the admin a rather pointed yet diplomatic and respectful email.  it got sent to the director of pr and marketing who then forwarded it to the interim dean.  for the last two weeks the interim dean and i have been going back and forth with me mostly forwarding additional complaints and concerns from my peers, compiling samples of questions and communication that has gone unanswered for 3 months, and coming up solutions for he and the instructor to remedy the situation all the while still maintaining my course work and working full time.  most of the communication has been painful. especially since all i’ve gotten until recently was ambiguous responses like ‘your instructor and i take teaching and learning seriously. you should hear from him on monday.’  but no clear next steps that he and the instructor was coming up with to increase communication to our class.  so, being the proactive and assertive student i emailed the president of the college who responded in 10 hours and forwarded my email to the vp of instruction at the institution.

unfortunately neither the dean nor the VP nor the president truly care about their students since 1) i’m the only one they’ve responded to with issues  despite others who have contacted them with concerns 2) they’re forcing me to meet with the instructor in person even though i have on numerous occasions communicated that i don’t what my grade impacted by the instructor and therefore do not want to meet him in person 3) have still not provided any clear, concise action items for how they are working with the instructor to see improvements (as evident that there is still no communication) 4) no proactive measures of how to handle and provide solutions as evident through me having to give ‘examples’ of what they could be doing

and our entire class received a lovely, passive-aggressive and defensive email from mr. woods telling us, “Sorry, the course is what it is. Get over it.” this just reaffirmed that with budget cuts hitting our education system, this is just a vision of what more is to come in the future. education systems being stuck with crappy, ill-equipped administrators who don’t know how to manage incompetent, lazy  instructors. oh, and we as students get stuck paying thousands of dollars for an ‘education’ for higher learning.  this is the future of our schools and our students. aren’t we lucky.

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  1. I’m sorry you’ve had to go through this, Jackie. Unfortunately, though, you’re not alone… I have a feeling more and more people will resort to homeschooling, which will have its benefits and drawbacks. My own experience (indirectly) with the education system has not been much better, and until our society begins to value it enough to restructure and fund it, well… you already know. 🙁

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