loves cupcakes. loves food.

as i’ve been looking forward to writing an update, the ideas of topics to post, photos to add, and things to say have come and gone, just like the month has.  though we’re in april, i’m going to post photos from this past month.  as i’ve been downloading all my photos from my blackberry, i’ve realized…i have a lot of photos of cupcakes. food. people eating. cupcakes. did i mention cupcakes?!

march’s food highlights

  • cupcake royale’s cupcake of the month: maple irish whiskey cupcake.  i brought some to the girls house when harper’s folks were in town in celebration of st. patricks day.
    in all their glory.
  • i even brought the maple irish cupcakes to work for celebrating two major milestones. as you can see the core team is quite thrilled.

    this is how we roll.

  • a friend from work made chocolate chip cupcakes peanut butter frosting.  thanks tiff….i still need your amazing frosting recipe

    i was so obsessed with the frosting, that's all this picture is of!

  • our UK gal left to head back home after staying with our team for 2 months. she brought us the cutest cheesecakes from The Confectional in Seattle.

    breakfast of champions

  • harper made homemade corn beef, cabbage, and soda bread (courtesy of matt) for st. patty’s day
    so harper are we one for next year too? same time? same place?
  • i finally had time to make spam musubis. i was quite proud of myself. they’re not perfect looking but they are delicious!
  • kyle and i celebrated finals at the Crepe Cafe in U district. amazing food. amazing desserts. totally recommend a date night there. not good for groups.

    nutella banana crepe at the crepe cafe

  • coming up with a new recipe to try with homemade salsa

    asian chicken with mint/bell pepper/tomatoe salsa with shitake mushrooms

  • getting addicted to Trader Joe’s new chocolate covered pomegranate seeds

    chocolate covered pomegranate seeds

  • and of course we can NOT forget senor taco. ange and nikki joined in the obsessions with amazing mexican food.
  • patron waiting for strawberries and brownies. he seriously wouldn’t look and beg. his head looked at my feet the entire time waiting for scraps. he event drooled on my shoes!

    apparently dogs like fruit too

    and i wish we had photos of the 24 strawberry cupcakes with cheesecake frosting. kyle made them and frosted them for our bible study in celebration for one of the gals’ bdays.  unfortunately we can’t read emails since we mixed up the dates and had ALOT of extra sweets.  it turns out my colleagues didn’t mind the cupcakes.  it is my goal to turn everyone into lover of cupcakes.  i’m making progress. slowly but surely.

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  1. I don’t mean to feed your addiction (well, maybe I do), but Costco sells a big bag of chocolate covered pomegranate seeds. And you know, buying in bulk is always cheaper . . . 🙂

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