a bit over our heads.

after a few back-breaking weeks, we were done with the tough work and were ready to dig into planting. plots were assigned and folks started scheming of how they were going to build their ‘plot establishments,’ including us. but clearly before plants can be planted and veggies to be eaten much more work had to go into each individual plot. clearly, this was beyond us.

since i was out at a work retreat and kyle was on break, he went to town. this is totally his kinda thing. he drew schematics, measured out everything we needed, picked up the wood, and planned our saturday for the fred meyers fuschia sale.  i should mention there was quite a detailed excel spreadsheet that noted what we were going to get and what veggies and plants did well and did not do well next to one another. i was impressed.

here’s a few photos of us (mainly kyle) starting to set up the foundation of our plot.  the main requirement is that for those who has their plot on a slop, they must prevent erosion. and since the entire land is on a slop, this is essentially required of everyone. and though it doesn’t seem like its a slope, once you start to build, you realize how much of a slope everyone has to deal with. its a bit intimidating especially when our plot size is 12’x7′.

setting the ground work

us realizing we need ALOT of soil to fill in the sloping part of our plot

almost done, not quite but almost.

being creative and using concrete slabs to fill in 18 inches of 'space' so we don't have to pay for soil.

after mixing in top soil and compost, we're done! this is what the finished product looks like minus the plants.

i should mention that while kyle was building our ‘little establishment,’ i was sifting through our soil for debris. you’d be surprised what we found. since the land has been essentially an ‘unofficial’ parking lot and dumping ground for years, we were finding tons of glass, bottles, hypodermic needles, glass, soy packets from sushi containers, plastic, glass, marbles, glass…did i mention glass?! it was a bit obnoxious to sift throught tons and tons of dirt just to clean our plot but we’re done.  PTL.

other than back-breaking work, it’s also been a really cool way to become good friends with our community.  kyle and i love it. there’s a good group of us who are pretty dedicated and pop by every day, if not to work, just to check on how things are going. it’s been a joy to get to know new folks, here their dreams for their gardens and be encouraged by strangers walking their dogs or honking their horns to tell us we’re doing a great job.  we’ve even had a handful of folks who have driven by stop to ask how we got started because they want to do something similar.  unbeknownst to us, the waiting list to join a community garden or p-patch is years. apparently, you almost have to wait for someone to pass away to get a plot. sad but true. my PT’s friend was on the waiting list for years- she lives in Queen Anne and finally got a plot in Lake City. Lake City! Are you kidding me?! that being said, we feel really blessed to be a part of this and hopefully will encouage others in our area to do something similar.

and on a final note; since the above photos took days to complete all the lovely plants that we purchased are in our house. i’ll save that for another post. til then….happy gardening!

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  1. I love that you guys did this! Am super excited to see the finished product. I can’t even get up the gumption to plant in pots. I can’t believe you basically built a garden plot by hand. Green indeed . . .

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