the compton’s had us over for dinner when we first got married and made this soup for us.  i still remember how delicious it was and finally remembered to get the recipe from anna….and i finally found time to make it.  too bad i have crappy timing.  its hot, sunny, and most certainly not soup weather. but if you are in need of a good, tasty soup try this one!

kale, white bean & linguica soup (serves 4-6)
– 3T butter
– 1 onion, chopped
– 2 T garlic, minced
– 1 lb linguica sausage*
– 2C. white beans, cooked
– 1 b red potatoes, roughly diced
– 2 QT chicken stock
– 1/2 lb kale, stems removed and roughly chopped
– salt and pepper of course

1) melt butter in a heavy, deep soup pot over medium heat
2) add the onions and cook until softened
3) add the garlic and cook for 1 more minute
4) turn up the heat and add the sausage, stirring and cooking until the sausages has browned
5) pour in the chicken stock, scraping any of the delicious brown bits crusted at the bottom of the pot
6) add the diced potatoes, cooked beans, and chopped kale
7) throw in a good bit of salt and pepper
8) bring the soup to a simmer and then turn it down to cook slowly until the potatoes are cooked and the kale is tender- around 20 minutes
9) taste and adjust the seasoning

*Linguica is a spicy pork sausage; other sausages can be substituted or ground port can be mixed with healthy amounts of garlic and spicy paprika to get that flavor

side note, we doubled the recipe on accident ended up with 4 large containers of left over soup that we froze for future dinners…it makes that much.

the recipe is by amy mccray of eva restaurant and was featured in farestart, a non-profit, based in seattle that teaches cooking and kitchen skills to homeless people.