since i’ve been back to seattle i’ve been craving all things hawaii.  this doesn’t include chocolate covered macadamia nuts or chocolate macadamia coffee or even hawaii coffee company lattes (better than starbucks).  but more like the home cooking i grew up with.  kyle’s been a good sport about it…luckily he loves asian food as much as i do. i recently made one of my favorite soups i grew up with.  ginger chicken whiskey soup.  it’s quite delightful when the weather turns cold and you just need something that will keep you warm long after you’ve eaten/drank it.  so without further adieu, here’s the delightful recipe.

– 3-4 frozen chicken breast (cut into 1 in cubes) into large pot
-Brown chicken in oil
– Add sliced ginger (about 2 whole fingers)
– Brown ginger with chicken
– Add 1 shot of whiskey (the good kind is preferred (whatever is in your liquor cabinet but the good kind is preferred)
– Then add 3 cans of chicken broth
– Add shitake mushrooms (these are cut into 1/4 pieces, like you would cut a pie)
– Taste first and then add a little bit of salt if needed
– Simmer for 1/2 hour

this serves approx 3-4 folks depending on how much each person eats.  i’ve tripled the recipe so i didn’t have to cook this week.  a good side dish is fresh, firm tofu.

cut tofu into 1 inch cubes.  add shoyu (soy sauce) with some rooster sauce.  if you don’t like it spicy then add shoyu with some lemon juice and fresh green onions.

also this is a good note to remember, particularly since i’ve posted quite a bit in the past about crock pots and cooking large quantities to avoid living in the kitchen.  unfortunately, this recipe is not one of those.  you need to be able to have immediate heat to brown the ginger and chicken, but most importantly burn off the whiskey so you’re not drinking alcohol.  this is key if you’re doing a large batch.  whiskey is great for shots but not great to taste in the soup.  if you want alcohol, you can have a beer on the side 🙂   so chalk this one up to good old fashion cooking 🙂