with summer nearly over (weather wise, we haven’t had one in seattle), we decided to end it with a quick trip to portland to visit some dear friends.  meeka and ryan are always fabulous hosts.  they let us crash at their home, play with their dog, entertain their kids, and well just lounge around-watching sports.  we feel like we’re part of the family.  over the last several years we’ve also started a tradition where the butler’s come over for dinner on saturday night.  it’s a lovely little dinner where we catch up on life, spend quality time with great friends, and eat amazing food.  also, we were lucky enough to see andrea and jared’s new addition to their family; adorable baby hayden.  i was a bit preoccupied and failed to get a shot of her and her awesome outfit. i’m still kicking myself.

unfortunately i wasn’t able to get off early on friday, so we started the trip with a delayed start of 6pm.  however, we were able to capitalize on it and had senor taco for dinner. it was my first time where kinda felt out of place seeing how it was the dinner hour. i know the regular staff were equally as perplexed as i felt.  but alas, tacos with fresh, roasted jalapenos made the delay worthwhile.  side note (especially WV staff), senor taco closes at 8pm. so if you’re pulling a late one, pop on by for a quick bite.

saturday was exactly what we needed. we lounged around and then finally decided to get ourselves out of pj mode and into adventure mode…. we made a quick stop to pick up some food at bunk sandwhiches for our picnic at washington park. side note-  if you’re visiting portland, you NEED to go to this place. it’s a dive. but as with all ‘hole-in-the-walls,’ it has amazing food. also, be prepared for a wait and do plan on waiting. it’s well worth the gourmet food, not to be confused with gourmet prices. and they have cupcakes. score, bonus points.

we settled into a little grassy area after our picnic where the kids could run around and play.  when i say kids, i mean tate and all chaperoning adults.  🙂  i kinda went a bit crazy with my phone camera. tate caught on rather quick and decided that he didn’t like me taking photos.  ultimately the shots of him were pure luck since he wouldn’t sit still.  despite my affinity for my new toy and the fact that i’m not a photographer by any means, i am quite pleased with how they came out.  here’s a sampling of them. they will have to suffice because i don’t remember my flickr acct info and i don’t use yahoo.  so, until i figure out a backup plan of posting photos this will have to do.





ryan and tate


meeka and derek

after working 14+ hour days and the last several weekends, in addition to kyle finishing several papers for school and getting ready for work, this weekend was desperately needed.  great friends, great weather and great food always makes for the best in life.  it puts everything else into perspective.  besides, what else could you ask for?