you’d be surprised.  so as we continue to adhere to our rather strict food diet, one thing that is alarming is how much corn, soy oil, soy, milk, wheat, and well just plain random stuff that is in our foods.  it’s been so frustrating to have to start from scratch 2 days into it because chicken broth has corn, sugar, milk and whey…seriously, shouldn’t it be chicken, water and salt?!

the frustration, if not utter amazement leads me to this post: foods that you would not expect to have ‘bad’ ingredients. and by bad, i mean anything outside of our diet.  but primarily, bad as in questionable ingredients that are in the food we’re eating.

  • chicken broth- as aforementioned with dehydrated cooked chicken being 14 down the list of ingredients (need i say more?)
  • taco seasoning packet- whey solid aka milk
  • ramen (saimin) bowl- there is too much list but the gist is; sugar, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, corn starch, corn flour, msg, glucose…..yikes!
  • furakake (japanese rice seasoning)- sugar (why?! it’s seaweed and sesame seeds!)
  • garlic salt- sugar and modified food starch (dare i ask what modified entails?)
  • worstershire sauce- high fructose corn syrup

i’m sure the list can go on but i’ll spare you the list and me the time to list each ingredient and food item.  🙂 corn and soy from our diet is that they’re really in everything.  in conjunction with food inc and king corn, i’m more amazed at how much these two things are used as fillers into the food we eat.  honestly, it’s a bit frightening…i mean it’s chicken broth.  shouldn’t chicken broth just be chicken broth? or perhaps my idea of chicken broth is a bit preposterous.

we’re testing out some new recipes that we’re cooking up from scratch. hopefully we’ll be posting the good ones for you to try and saving you from the ones that turned out, eh, well unedible.