one of the biggest challenges for kyle and i have been to find snack foods that fall within our food restrictions.  we’re so used to grabbing pop-corn, chips, candy, diet coke, you name it and not giving it a second thought.  however, while shopping for snack foods, we’ve come to realize there’s not a lot out there. yes, there’s stuff with corn, soy, or both in it, but we can’t have that nor can we have sugar. so, our options have been limited to say the least.  however, we have found some cool stuff that works….granted i may be tired of it by the end of the month, but it’s helping us get through this diet. without further adieu, here’s our new favorites.

lara bars, oskri bars, clif c bars, and 22 days. we also found a new one, prana bars.

almond butter in to-go packets. great backpacking, camping and take-to lunch food.

homemade salsa w/ terra chips

photo courtesy of

side note, terra chips are amazing. they have so many flavors.  our favorites are the taro chips (they taste just like the local ones back home) and the mediterranean flavored ones.  they’re cooked with canola or safflower oil and not vegetable oil, which is one of the main reasons why other potato chips are off limits.  apparently all vegetable oil has corn in it. uhhh, and did i mention we found something sweet?! these are made by turtle mountain and are the only sweet things that taste, kinda, like the real thing.

photo courtesy of turtle mountain

uhhh, and these….

photo courtsey of turtle mountain

and last but not least…..


totally kidding on the last one. though we do have one from the johnson’s recent trip to BC, it will have to wait along with the rest of the other foods we’ve collected over the last six weeks.