it’s official. Yoshi is moving back home.  it’s been an ongoing process for some time now, but she finally knows and that’s cause for a huge celebration. as i mentioned before, we’ve been up here for over 10 years.  seattle has become our second home. we’ve been blessed through our time here by amazing friends, many of which, we call our family.  so it’s only fitting to feel torn. excited to start a new job and be with the family. and yet, disheartened to leave dear friends and an entire community up in the pacific northwest.

Yoshi’s going to be working on a sustainable engineering team for heco and doing amazing work for the future of engineering and our environment.  i’m proud of my ‘little’ sister for so many things.  this is just another one to add to extraordinarily long list.  and despite the fact that the next 3 weeks are insane in getting her stuff packed and shipped, i know….i mean, we all know, that we can anticipate amazing things from yoshi.  especially, moments of free entertainment.  uh, did i mention she found alternative methods of getting back home?

one of yoshi's finer moments.

so now i can post about it, cry about it, and be ecstatic about it. please join me in celebrating The Yoshi.  we’re gonna miss you.  and hey, Yoshi,  you know that there’s always free housing when you want to make a guest appearance in the PNW.  just know that all your friends will be fighting to have you sleep on their couch.