just like with the dairy products, where we had to separate out milk, cheese and yogurt and test each out individually we had to do the same with eggs.  we decided to make egg white-frittatas. we created 2 different frittatas for our challenge.  tuna with bell-peppers and salmon with kale. they were delish and high in protein. i can honestly say, i was not hungry for hours after eating one of these!

about to go into the oven. tuna w/ orange bell peppers on the left. salmon and kale on the right.

-12 egg whites (we saved the egg yolks for our next challenge)- 3 for each frittata
– one can of tuna (place in bowl and separate out with a fork to break into smaller pieces)
– one can of salmon (place in bowl and separate out with a fork to break into smaller pieces)
– 3 medium leaves of kale
– 1/2 of orange bell pepper
– fresh parsley
– salt and pepper
– 4 tsp of water, 1 per frittata

preheat oven to 350 degrees.

separate out egg whites, from egg yolks.  do each frittata , one at a time by placing the 3 egg whites into one ramekin. repeat until you’ve separated out the egg whites into all 4 ramekins. you’ll need to do this to all, but here’s the instructions for one ramekin.

beat egg whites in ramekin with fork. and add in salt and pepper.  add in half can of tuna or salmon, that you’ve already broken in to smaller pieces. add in kale or peppers and parsley. mix together in ramkein with fork.

complete until all ramekins are done.

bake for 15-30 mins until tops of the frittatas are puffing up and it’s clear that the egg whites are cooked. cook for 2-3 mins and serve immediately.