i’ve been getting a bit bored with our decorations at home.  don’t get me wrong. i love our place. it’s adorable. it’s homey. it’s trendy. love it all. but every so often, you think of a thing or two that would just add that pizazz to your home. i’ve been craving that pizazz.

for one, our kitchen was this blob of cream.  it kinda felt like walking into a can of cream of mushroom soup every, single day. with such a historic building, we can’t hang anything. and i do mean anything. everything is anchored on crown molding.  however, there is no molding in the kitchen. so decorating in this room is a challenge to say the least. but we were recently inspired by some friends in our small group to do wall decals. why have we not thought of this before?! we found some on a recent trip to the SAM to check out the picasso exhibit and stumbled upon some cool decals. the ones at target just wasn’t cutting it for us.  nothing screams, ‘i haven’t left my college years’ than than a massive stop light or guitar with black stars.  kyle and i fell in love with the bamboo decals.

now we live in a bamboo garden.

secondly, i’ve been craving candles.   i’m a bit obsessed. i think part of it is that we don’t use them back home in hawaii. i never grew up with them and it’s a bit of a waste when you live in a sunny local for 99% of the time.  but now, when its gloom and doom for 99% of the time, candles are the little of of light and sparkle that adds to the ever dreary winter months. i’ve been keeping my eyes out for some cool, eclectic,  candle pillars to match our crystal lampstands. voila! crate and barrel heard my cry.

needless to say i’m in love.  it’s exactly what i needed to fall in love with our place again.  we won’t be moving anytime soon.