lately life seems to be flying right past us. even more so in december. as evident by the lack of posts. the irony? i have hundreds of photos on my droid and even more posts running through my head. the only obstacle? finding the time to actually write the posts.  alas, a much needed weekend break should do the trick!

as many know, we were also waiting on ticket prices to go down so that we could visit my papa who isn’t doing terribly well.  the challenge is that we’re also on a limited budget with kyle being in school so $1400-$1800 tickets are completely unreasonable. we waited and waited.the theory was that we would find tickets cheap the week of xmas like we had found the year we got married. we paid $1800 for the tickets months ahead of time only to get an promo email from hawaiian promoting $217 RT fares. ugh. we were sick to our stomachs.  we learned our lesson.  well, we thought we did. only this year the recession is subsiding and the airlines industry is rebounding. minor details we overlooked. and thus we waited and waited til only the inevitable could happen. ticket prices creeped up and up.

we had my in-laws celebrate xmas with us one week early. gifts exchanged and gifts opened. an amazing feast. only to have to repeat it one week later, minus the gift part.  i’ve tried my hand at being spontaneous. but alas, i’ve failed. i need routine, structure and the obvious fact that i have a ticket in my hand to go home for the holidays.  i need to see my family, hug my papa, bask in the sun, and eat local food.  having both families up in the air is not fair to them for planning their holidays. and neither is hearing that my little cousins all thought that we had actually come home but were hiding at my papa’s all day only be severly disappointed on xmas night when they came over for dinner and we weren’t hiding in the laundry room.  rest assured, this is not happening again. spontaneity is a rarity.