and it isn’t for their amazing deals, their food samples (which we can’t eat), or their wine selection.

i’m addicted to costco for their cook books. yup, you read that right. their cook books. the last couple of weeks that we’ve gone there for last minute odds and ends, i’ve walked out of there with an awesome cookbook that we can actually use with our recent diet restrictions.

here’s a list of my favorites so far:

1) flying apron bakery’s cookbook (we already had this but we bought a few more for gifts!)

2) urban pantry’s cookbook

3) slow cooker: the best cookbook ever

4) around my french table (this one we failed to get because i thought that it would be there another week. lesson learned: wait a day and it’s poof- gone.)

the slow cooker recipe book has been our recent purchase.  i fell in love the moment i laid eyes on it. now you must think i’m nuts. or exaggerating at most. but with our insanely busy lifestyle and our upcoming move, the thought of having to plan another meal is daunting if not terrifying. plus, all other slow cook recipe books have tons of fat, are horrible for you, and don’t fit into our diet. this book is the complete opposite of that! plus, i bought a 7 qt crock-pot over the holidays so that i could larger batch cooking! i can’t wait.

this book is gourmet without all the added work! in fact, we just cooked the “chicken balsamico with yukon gold potatoes” for lunch this week and it was amazing. other recipes are white chicken chili, miso-glazed cod, poached salmon cakes in white wine butter sauce, 5 million roast recipes…..i can’t wait to try more of this.  here’s a photo of our recent chicken balsamico….one word says it all- delish!