our move is official. we are now living in the suburbs. can’t say i’m thrilled. or that kyle’s head over heels, but it’s going to work out…i think.

life has been insane the last 2 weeks. hence no postings for awhile. we had the movers come on saturday. albeit, they were 2 hours and 30 mins late. note to self, don’t ever go with super friends movers. they are horrible at showing up on time. and when they do, they take a look at your apt and complain about how long it’s going to take to move.  but i can’t complain too much since they didn’t break or lose anything. thank god!

the weekend of our move, we also had a surprise visit from yoshi! she was in town for a few days and was able to cram breakfast and lunch w/ her. it was great to see her but it made me realize how difficult and inconvenient living in the ‘burbs really is. a 45 minute commute to have lunch sucks. it sucks even more when you’re running late….and for those who know us, we are always 10 mins late. not good when you have a 45 min commute to tack onto that!

our place is gorgeous and the layout is awesome.  it flows well and is conducive to large groups and parties. uh, did i mention we have a fireplace and balcony for a grill!?! we also have a community rec area and pool in our area that is a 2 min walk to. bonus points for coming home late and having a workout facility nearby. it’s also kinda refreshing to not have to fight the line of elliptical hoarders at LAF during rush hour. i get a room and a massive flat screen tv with cable all to myself. a-w-e-s-o-m-e.

the commute isn’t as bad as i thought. i just need to force my gps to give me directions to i-18 vs 90-405-167… monday and tues were brutal coming into work from those interstates. but i finally figured out a ‘short’ cut. although its a further distance, there’s hardly anyone on 18, so it’s brilliant for  getting to work in 45 mins.

i will have to say, that it is lovely to be in a quiet area. it also is obvious that we’re from the city, and that we’re new. i think the fact that we are the only ones in our area that keep our blinds up was the dead giveaway. LOL!

more photos and postings to follow. we’re still trying to figure out where everything goes and what to do with the massive pile of cardboard on our dining room table. until next time…ciao.