it’s my favorite color.

since i was a child, i was always drawn to purples. perhaps it was because my parents always dressed me up in this regal color. or because i really didn’t want to wear pink.  though i love colors and tend to ebb and flow in my ‘favorites’ which can be viewed as indecisiveness, this purple color always tends to come back to me. it’s kinda like love at first sight. only i was 2 months old.

i will note that i’m incredibly picky about my purples. i dislike any light colored, lavender purples and  tend to opt for the 80s rock purple blended with magenta hues or the deep purples that is reminiscent of royalty. basically anything that screams color and goes well with the outfit is a true winner. and trust me, there are no pastels in my closet.

since the 80s have been back in trends for the last several seasons, i’m more addicted to this beautiful, bright orchid hue. in fact, if you remember that not  long ago i painted my end tables this color when we redecorated.  i’m also a bit embarrassed to admit that i have added a few needed things to the collection over the years.

a stainless steel water bottle that doesn’t rust. ever.

courtesy of (though the color in the photo isn't accurate)

farewell large personalized and customized timbuk2 bag from 2007. hello small messenger bag that doesn’t kill my neck, back or shoulders.   notice, i’m still a timbuk2 lover. they make the best bags.

courtesy of

my most recent, and favorite purchase…. a patagonia down sweater hoody! and guess what….my second ‘favorite’ color is the accent colors. i heart patagonia. it’s like they can read my mind.

photo courtesy of

and now that i’ve given you quite a bit of reason to laugh at me  when i walk into the office or your house decked in purple, i think i’lll end it here.