goodbye. farewell. aloha.

there’s many more ways to say goodbye. but still it doesn’t make it any easier.

last thursday we sold josie, my little acura rsx.  she has been an amazing first car. reliable. fast. durable. spunky. fun. cool. adventurous.

the josie.

we’ve survived 3 car accidents together. multiple snow-shoeing adventures and road trips. climbing and backpacking treks. cram-as-many-people-and-possessions-into-a-2-door-and-see-what-happens-trips. ikea trips. gardening trips. shopping trips. girls only trips. you name it, she’s been there.

i’ve always envisioned keeping my first car until it could barely be legally driven.  held together with duct tape, some rust spots here and there, along with other battle scars that told how many adventures we’d endured together. so naturally, it was a difficult decision to sell her only 7 years into it…but, since we’ve moved closer to the mountains and i take back roads to get to work, kyle was more comfortable with me in the new, 4-wheel drive card than the sports car. i had to agree with him on that. especially during the recent snow storms we had.

besides, we are officially a one car family. uhhhh, okay i lied. we’re like 1 1/2. kyle’s ’67 bug ‘kinda’ works so i’m counting it as a half…just don’t tell him i said that. he commutes via his road bike to and from work every day. we couldn’t justify having a ‘summer’ car or a ‘fun’ car.

josie sat for about 6 weeks since we’ve moved into our new place. looking a bit forelorn and sad. i’ll be honest. i have separation anxiety. i knew we’d have to sell her so i refused to drive her. i refused to clean out the car. i knew that if i went remotely near her, i’d change my mind and we’d be stuck with another car and another month to convince me that it was the financially responsible thing to sell her. so i let kyle clean her, detail her, and prep her for sale. i let him take farewell photos and post it to cragslist. i let him be the main point of contact for buyers.  i just couldn’t stomache it. i was selling my baby.

and it was a good thing kyle took care of all the logistics. because the night we sold it, i grabbed my registration out of the car and for a split moment wanted to hand the guy back his wad of cash and snatch the keys back. besides, the car is going to a 16 year old kid. luckiest day of his life. saddest day of mine.

but i know that this little punk will have the best ride of his life. she’ll treat him well and take care of him and protect him. just as she did for me- all 7 years. at the end of the day, i know it’s just a car. but we trust our lives in these little tin cans. we take care of them in the hopes that they would in turn take care of us. a relationship is formed whether you know it or not. so when it really is time to say goodbye, it’s always a lot harder than you think it’s going to be.

aloha josie!

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  1. I feel the same way about my car. We have considered selling it on several occasions, but then decided not to. It will only be a matter of time before I can’t fit any more kiddos or stuff in it . . .

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